Sacred Space Trip
California 2010

I’m feeling disconnected
From the moment and space
I feel others call me out of this
Sacred space of Avalon

My friend
Gives me an invitation to connect:
“Walk up the road
turn by the garden
keep walking
you will see rocks
the medicine wheel is there.”
He says while honoring the
Native American spirits
With tobacco

I walk fast up the road
I feel jittery within
I feel another shift coming on
I feel the uncertainty of today
Will I find the rocks?
I walk past fields of yellow flowers
I walk past cacti still resting in black pots
I walk under the sky
Yet connect with none of it

A man in a pick-up truck
Drives past me
We wave at one another

Twisted trees with green moss
Stand tall against blue sky
With carpets of yellow and purple
I see beauty
Feel the heat of sunshine
Yet only allow in some of it into my soul
My soul feels elsewhere

I see a large rock and begin
Walking off road
Moving over fine pebbles and larger stones
Carefully weaving around plants
I pass two large rocks
Walk towards the third

My soul is not connected to my body
I walk carelessly through the space
I feel rushed to be elsewhere

I feel a bit like my old self
Drawn into sacred spaces but unsure why
I feel like a modern tourist
With camera in hand
Wanting to photograph sacred space
Because someone said it was sacred
And to rush off to the next sacred space
Because someone else said it was sacred
And because being in sacred spaces is cool

I walk through the space
I don’t take photos
Yet allow myself to fall into
A disconnected modern girl

Blue sky with hot sun above
Yet I don’t see it
I’m not even sure if I’m in the space
That my friend had recommended

I walk more swiftly
When my right foot is grabbed by a root
And my left foot toes stub hard onto a rock
I cry out in pain
Want to scream out

In that moment
I become fully aware of
How disconnected I had been
In this sacred space
And in all the sacred space
That is everywhere
That I had walked through
To arrive at this one

I had allowed myself to fall back
Into the disconnection of the modern girl
Feeling jittery
Feeling like I wanted to be elsewhere
Feeling nothing of the sacred
Looking down on me from every

“Hi rock, I get it.” I say as
I walk towards the large rock
My fingertips gently trace some of
Its mosses
I breathe into the moment
Begin to arrive

“Look where you are love,” says the rock
I feel my soul arrive into my feet
And settle up through my body
I arrive
With my fingertips still on the rock
I look at the space around me
With connected eyes
My breath catches

I had walking right past the medicine wheel
I may have even walked partly through it
I had not even seen that the head-sized rocks
Formed a perfect circle
With crystals and sacred stones within

I stand there breathing in awe
As I shift out of disconnected modern girl
And connect into the moment
I call into the directions
I invite in the elements
Wind stirs strong around me
Running masculine energy over my skin

I want to apologize to the space
Not only for my own lack of connection
Minutes earlier
But for all the disconnected people
Who visit sacred sites and have no idea
How to connect
They may not see
They may not feel
They may not hear
All they know is to take photos
Or read a story about the ancient culture
And try to understand the space in historical context

Yet time does not matter
Sacred spaces are not about the past
Sacred spaces are not about other cultures
Other people
Sacred spaces are everywhere
All around us
They are screaming out trying to get our attention
Inviting us to see beauty that is each moment

I walk slowly and with reverence
Into the medicine wheel
“Come into me naked,” I hear
I walk out and take off my clothing
“May I leave on my sandals?” I ask
I walk naked with sandals back into
The sacred circle
And sit

I sit
I drop into the moment
I drop in
I connect across spaces
Several rituals come through me
Fly lands on my fingertips with a message

I speak to the crystal
“You allowed yourself to taste
the disconnection that is the
modern norm of being.
You’d somewhat forgotten
How that feels
Remember that is how most of you
Move through your days here
Without reverence
Without prayer
Without connection to Mother Earth
Without connection

You feel alone
Yet make no attempt to really create
Open space within you
Through which you can allow
Real connection
You carry all your past baggage
Filling yourself within
With old boxes and papers
And there is no room
For the sacred crystal

Teach people how to create room within
Teach people how to burn those old papers
Teach people to see through connected eyes.”

I stand in the middle of the circle
And communicate with wind
“Few have such clarity in communication
as you do love
you not only see me, the wind, respond
yet you can also speak with me
honor the gifts
honor your gifts.”

I am guided to a large flat rock
Slightly slanted
That appears to be a sacrifice tablet
Or an alter of stone
I lie down on hard rock
I feel stone support me
All the jitteriness is gone
All the need to be elsewhere is gone
All the need is gone
I simply am

I lie on a stone alter
Speaking with the world about me
I drift deeper and deeper
Into this moment
Into this space
I make love to the earth
Feel spasms move energy through
Sending love in every direction.

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