Your journey is not mine
Mine is not yours
This isn’t one more competition

There are no books you must read
There are no places you must visit
There are no people you must meet
And you will perfectly find
The books, places, and people
Awaiting you

I share my stories
As I am one of many path-cutters
I live countless paths
To flatten down the grasses a bit
To bring ease to others
To share delightful options
Of what a journey can contain

I stumble often in darkness
Always returning stronger
Into my core self

Many mystics are path-cutters
Making it a touch easier
To leave behind a reality that
Does not fit you

Walk your own path
Connect to it…
By going within.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

All images and writing are copyrighted.  These stories will be published by 2012.
Printed version available upon request.
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