Damselfly Star Family
Harbin Hot Springs, California

I balance my naked body
On the ledge bench within the hot spring
Sunk down into meditation
When I notice a damselfly
Floating before me

I reach my fingertips towards her
Pulling her out of water
Leave her to dry on the white ledge
Behind me

“Hi love,” she says
I turn my body around so my breasts
Rest against the white wall
And I look into her eyes
Deciding to engage in

I feel myself fall into her eyes
Her lips move
As she speaks to me within my head
Endless downloads come through
Some stories
Some giggles

She has a diamond pattern on her wings
One darker gray diamond on each wing
Other patterns emerge as she dries

Black flies keep falling into the water
Floating past me as they struggle for life
I pull out each one
Drop onto the white surface
Until the area is littered with half-dead bodies

“There are armies of beings protecting you now,”
shares damselfly
I still struggle deeply with that
Yet I do feel protected and loved
I look out at the half-dead flies
And wonder how many of us are giving our lives
To bring on the awakening

I decide to move damselfly onto elder leaves
Of the pink-belled plant
Who had taught me weeks back

I continue my chat with damselfly
An elder man approaches me with a small
Pocket magnifier
I smile
I don’t feel I need magnification
When I am inside the damselfly
Or rather
When she is inside my head and soul

“You must be a scientist,” the elder man says to me
I smile
“I’m a freshwater ecologist.”
I love how I still can claim
Endless titles

I read the man as soul fam
“I’m also speaking with her,” I share
I see no reason to hide these gifts of mine
I feel everyone can chat with damselflies
Perhaps I simply need to be one of many
To come public with the gift

The elder smiles
Turns out he has studied the possibility
Of what I do
For many decades
He recommends books
He shares stories

“You know you can help so many people
You’re intelligent and beautiful and
Connected to worlds that others dream about.”
I smile

I am helping people
Simply by showing that anything is possible

Anything is possible
Anything is possible

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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