Play with Another Character
Sebastopol, CA

In a conversation with my higher self
She illustrates living within
The context
Of Disneyland

“Think of all the humans around you
like characters walking in costume
through Disneyland

If there’s a beautiful prince who walks by
And ignores you
Remember that he’s probably late for some side-stage


And he’s simply a character
One of countless manifestations of One
So play with another character
In another costume

And keep remembering
This is all a game
This is all created from within you
This is all created to bring you back
Into full consciousness of your connection
With One

You are simply here to serve as one more reminder
Of that objective 
Of this game of living
You are all here now
To remember who you are
And to re-write all the rules
Of what it means to be human on Earth.”

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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