Italy, Poland, US

Fields of spirited wildflowers embrace me
In Italy, I sit in a field of red poppies as a little girl
Laughing as I eat a dripping sandwich
Releasing the pain of spilled blood during the wars
That the poppies were planted to represent

In the white birch forests of my native Polish land
I seek out lily of the valley colonies
Leaning my small face close to their un-copyable delicate fragrance
Certain to see a tiny fairy smiling back at me

I have a talent for seeing wildflowers at their peak
I don’t time my visits for wild flower shows
And they still greet me in full glory
Opening en mass early or late for their season
Simply to greet my eyes to their landscape

A mystic once told me
That I created Source into a tiny flower to grow
Up on the top of a high mountain
And I pre-chose my path up to that tiny flower
As the most arduous and challenging

He even drew me an image
Of that high mountain peak
With a tiny flower
On a rock

A few times in my journey
I peak at that flower
And leap back onto the lower trails
On the mountain
In fear
As it’s much easier to live
Without that flower in my heart
Without sitting in that flower’s heart

Transformations of land via wild flowers
Brings the pulse of life
Into a landscape

One spring in New Mexico
I stand on a windy mountain top
Leaning into the strong push of air
Over a landscape of carpeted yellow
Where on a last visit
Was only rock and earth
Yet more evidence
that a complete transformation
is always possible

My guides tell me
That now that I’ve found the tiny flower
And can speak to that flower
If I look out on that mountain
I will also see carpets of wildflowers
And if I look out at all the mountains
Stretching out in every direction
They they too are covered in carpets of wildflowers

All those wildflowers
Are connected to my tiny flower
They are his warriors
They are her angels
They are his protectors
They are her protectors
They are my protectors
They are your protectors

“Now that you feel this side in your heart
you have endless love
you have endless support
you have endless protection.
Every time you see field of wild flowers
Think of each one’s spirit soul
Here to guide you
Here to love you
Here to support your journey
Here to protect you

As long as there are fields of wildflowers
Here on earth
Here in the dimensions hidden off the mists
Of the earth
You will never be alone.”

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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