Ghost Viewing
Sacred Ranch, north of Santa Cruz California

I ask Spirit
To aid me in appreciating
That I am embodied now on our planet
Most of the time
I’m not invested in all that others
Believe to be so important
It simply doesn’t feel important
To me

I can throw myself into projects
I can throw myself into anything
But deep within
I know that I’m here to do something
Yet the only way to get to that depth
Is by doing all that comes into my path
Fitting me in the moment

Yet although in looking back
I know that all has been perfect
I still struggle with really being here
Simply being here
I taste other places of being
I taste other ways of being
And really
I want to bring those ways and places
Yet how to really deeply appreciate?
How to deeply express gratitude?
How to deeply know the sacredness of each moment
And live from that place
Of endless appreciation and gratitude and divinity?

I moon out of the sacred sweat lodge ceremony
Thus already feel distanced from the group
A fallen over log calls me over
I climb up and balance on her edge
Looking out over the pacific ocean
Looking over raw grasses with tall heads dancing
Looking out over people

I fall into a space
Where I feel none of the emotional drama
Of all the humans
Walking about around me
All I see is the beauty and perfection
Of the scene
I see beautiful humans
Walking and interacting on beautiful property
Sun is setting over the ocean
Planes do flips overhead
All is perfect

None of them appear to see me
None of them appear to notice me
I’m so used to being seen
I’m so used to being a part
A part

I taste up on the log
What it is to see
Yet not be a part of it
I taste what it is
To be in spirit form
I’m not ready yet to be in spirit form
I still want the warmth of arms around me
One of the beautiful star sisters walks by
Sees me
And I leave spirit world
And become
A part.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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