Concentration Camp
Harbin Hot Springs California

Note: This is a rather intense piece due to content and characters.  I have many personal connections to concentration camps and have been clearing energy from those times.  As a little girl, I remember tracing my great-uncle's Auschewitz tattoo with my finger tips.  To this day, I feel those days clearly.  I appreciate the insights of White Buffalo Calf Woman.  I express deep gratitude for the insights being shared with me.

Part I – Source

I lie naked on my back in the hot sauna
Which always reminds me of a gas chamber
When Source suggests that I think of
As a concentration camp

“Please expand,” I ask
I’ve been given many lessons
In concentrated doses
About unconditional love
And non-attachment
I’ve been asking for more

“You can conceptualize
Your entire existence as a human
As an exercise
In surviving a concentration camp
There is pain all around you
There is suffering all around you
There are those murdering others
With their actions or words
There are those allowing themselves
To be murdered
With other’s actions or words
Many choose to do both
Murder and be murdered

You stand above this at times
Like a taller plant among the shorter grasses
Yet you too can’t avoid
Getting caught up in games
That feel so unnecessary to your soul

You enjoyed that film
Life is Beautiful
That illustrated the power
Of perception

You have endless personal connections
To concentration camps
You even gave yourself a taste of life
In a refugee camp
You have tasted the desperation of humans
Without anything left
To believe in
And you have also after sitting in those spaces
Found the strength
To create a world worth fighting for

After your time in the refugee camp
You dropped yourself into the luxury
Of excess
And what did you become fascinated with?
Remember how you read all about them?
You toyed with the idea of how
To create a utopia
When all you saw
Was pain
Well done, love

Each day
You come closer
You asked us to give you insight
about non-attachment
You’ve been reconnecting
With more and more of your soul
And star family members
You taste them often before you meet them
Some of them dream of you before you come into their life
You fall into their arms and recognize their scent
And yet you continue to walk a solo path
So you ask us
How to find strength to do so

Remember that you are all
In a concentration camp together
You may be killed at any moment
All may end at any moment
All you have
Is this moment
So in this moment
In every moment
In every sacred moment
Give all of you to the moment
Love with all of you
Laugh with all of you
Cry with all of you
Each moment is sacred

I walk out of the hot sauna
Allowing that to filter in
If I were in a concentration camp
It’d be easier to not feel attachment
To the beautiful warrior-kings that come
As part of this star family of mine
I accept the filter on this existence
I allow myself to view this life
As another form of a
Concentration camp

Part II – White Buffalo Calf Woman

I lie gently awake in the green tent
Chatting with insects that visit
In the space above
My lover is still in dream space
Wrapped in his black Jedi cloak
My eyes scan shadows of plants
Drawn to a particular shape
That reminds me of a buffalo face
“I am a buffalo,” he says
“The White Buffalo Calf Woman
would like to speak with you.”
He announces
I usually invite in beings
So this request to be spoken with is new
I flip onto my back
Move gently away from my lover’s body
And invite in Buffalo Calf Woman
More formally than I normally speak
I hear her laughing
“Not necessary.  We’re sisters.
But thank you.”

She thanks me for how I had
Firmly stood for the sacredness of lodge
In the last ceremony
When some of the new participants
Had not grasped its difference from that
Of a sauna

Then she continues with the theme
Of a concentration camp
“What do you think of when
I say ‘camp’?” She asks
“Fun,” I reply
Although camp was far more fun
When I was an adult
Than a child
Yet I still associate it with fun

“Now what do you associate with
concentration?” She asks
“To me, it’s the focusing of energy
it’s intense thinking
it’s focus on a task.”
“Excellent,” she replies.

“So let’s return to this theme
Of life on your planet now
As a concentration camp
That Source introduced to you
A few days ago.

You made the assumption
That a concentration camp
Is really simply a death camp
Like that of WWII days
And countless other days
When human cruelty plays out
In ways unimaginable to a being
Like you

Yet feel into the deeper meaning
Of a concentration camp
The world you live in
Could be seen as a concentration camp
With all of its suffering and death
Yet if any one being
Really concentrates
On awakening from the dream
Then it becomes a camp
It becomes fun.”

My breath catches a bit
A new metaphor emerges
I look around the green tent
My Jedi-cloaked lover continues his sleep
“Thank you
White Buffalo Calf Woman.”
And I head out into sunshine
To start my morning
With a Go Go Green rice shake.

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