Michigan, England, Germany

(The Reconnection Series to written to illustrate that soul family stories are real.  I will be sharing some of mine to bring ease when you live through yours.  I used to find mine incredibly confusing and painful.  My energy would intertwine immediately and we’d fall into one another.  And then we’d have to part…in this space.  Now that I know who these people are to me, I live with more ease. I live with joy knowing that I’ll be meeting many more from my family.  I live in joy knowing that my family is here making the world into what we dream her to be.)

Her energy proceeds her
As she enters my life
An artistic dancer
With a brilliant mind
and an even wilder soul

We dance our way through streets
We dance our way deeper into ourselves
We dance

One night, we dye my hair in her white bathroom
Then run through the darkening German streets
Peak and giggle through the old castle
Lit up with white candles

One night, we leave a club with a group of pretty men
Driving around darkening German streets
Listening to the stereo pump
“Just me, myself, and I.”

One night, we miss the last train home
Catching a ride home
With an ex-prostitute and her cop boyfriend
Who speak to us
As if we have all been together
In many late-night car rides

One night, we see three lightening bolts
Shoot across the ceiling of our London hotel room
Forming a triangle above us
as we squeal in terror

One night, I sit next to her
In the backseat
She tells me about seeing butterflies
From her dreams falling into the space
Around her
I look out at the dancing
Wind shield wipers
Push around the rain
As we drive to leave her
In yet another mental hospital

As there is no other place
To take an awakening girl
that we then know.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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