Reality game shows
Are a well-known example
Of how people willingly play into
A false bigger picture

Now what if?
All of us living today
On this beautiful planet
Realized that we’re all playing
Into a false bigger picture?

We choose how we play
We choose how we treat one another
We choose where we aim our energy
We choose
Isn’t it time to make new choices?

We already have some examples
In play
Around us

Think of an average grocery store game
You walk in, feeling the hurry of modern life
You rush to the fruit
You rush to the items you need
You pull them off shelves and into your basket
You seldom speak to any strangers
You seldom make eye contact
You buy food that was grown somewhere,
Yet you don’t know where
You wait in line, you wait in life
You don’t acknowledge the soul of the person
Scanning your food items
You slide through a card or hand over cash
You walk out
Still in your head

Think of an average farmer’s market game
You walk into the area, slowing down
You saunter over to the first stall
You hold eyes with the smiley person in the stand
You run into a friend and chat as if you
Both have all the time in the world
You saunter over to a new stand
You hold a firm and fragrant tomato in your palm
A stranger comments about that type of tomato
You begin to chat about your plants
You feel connected to your food
You feel even connected to the people around you
You leave the farmer’s market
A bit less in your head, a bit more in your heart

What if?
Just what if?
We could change all the face-less grocery stores
Into farmer’s markets
Simply by choosing to change
How we behave within those spaces?

What if?
Just what if?
All the shoppers at a mass grocery store
Committed to treating one another
As if they were all
At a sweet farmer’s market?

Some grocery stores already attempt this
Think of a Trader Joe’s
It’s indoors like other grocery stores
Yet doesn’t it feel different?
It’s still not as friendly as a farmer’s market
As not enough people are playing by the new rules
But even with a few playing
It already feels different


What is stopping you
From playing
By new rules of being?

What if?
Just what if?
We all committed
To treating one another on this planet
As if we were ONE?

Most of us have attended
A theme party
Someone sets a theme
And we agree to play along
Showing up dressed in fake pink fur
Showing up dressed in pirate costumes
Showing up dressed in fairy costumes
Our life
Is a theme party
And it’s time to change the theme
It’s time to bring in more engaged players
Let’s enjoy
This game more.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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