Written in 2010 and lived 1974-today

Our energy field is huge
My energy field is huge
Even before I knew anything about energy
I knew something funky was up

In college
Whenever I was stressed writing a paper
And would throw my anger at the cute Mac
She would throw back at me
The little bomb image
That would eat all my words
And crash her
And crash me even more

I crashed more computers
Than anyone I knew

Yet I didn’t believe
That little I
Could really create such a wave to
Create crashing computers

That didn’t fit with my understanding
Of this world
I was a scientist after all
Or at least in training to be one

As a adult
When I was furious
I wanted my dogs to bring me comfort
Yet they wouldn’t come close
Simply sent love my way
At a distance

Like computers
They too
Could read my energy
And who would want to come close
To a furious typhoon?
Edged with flying debris?

Is an energetic
Across universes

So you really don’t think
So you really don’t feel
That YOU contribute?

Think again
Feel again

Think of the energy difference
Between a farmer’s market on a sunny day
A late-night jail brawl

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******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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