Water Drop Journey
Harbin Hot Springs, CA

I watch rain drops falling through air
Landing with force into the hot spring
Where my naked body soaks
Some drops land on my forehead
Some drops land on pavement
Some drops fall into Oneness with other drops
Immediately blending into one body of water
“See love
It all simply is
Imagine our journey
We were in a mass of Oneness in cloud
We were all together rubbing, playing, being
Within a vapor state of One
Yet we’re all here to journey
For One cloud to experience herself
She condensates into drops
Dropping herself through space

Each one of us
Rather unprepared
Finds ourself falling alone through space
Finds ourself unable to resist gravity
So we surrender to the fall

We fall and fall and fall
We see others falling
Yet can’t reach out to others physically
We can find the strength to wave perhaps
Sometimes if we work hard enough
Sometimes if the conditions are right
We can merge with another drop
Becoming a larger waterdrop
Yet even then
We continue to feel separate

We are no longer vapor in a cloud
We are no longer lost within that One
Even with most of us blissed out in one another
Some of us had noticed even in vapor
We were still not in our fullest expression
Of Oneness

As some of our visionaries
Could see off the cloud’s edge
To other clouds all around us
Realizing that there were higher states of Oneness
As all those clouds could be One cloud

Perhaps we fell out of our cloud Oneness
To take a risk
To live a journey
To potentially create a large cloud of Oneness
On the next round past evaporation

First we each had to fall alone to earth
We had to feel the impact of collision
And we each had to flow, crawl, move
Our way to a larger body of water or to light
To continue our journey

So as you lie there love
Naked in your body of water
You are watching us surrendered into our journey
Notice how some of us are able to almost immediately
Land in a larger body of water and feel support in our journey
We are immediately part of a larger whole
And within that liquid whole
We continue our flow into a larger whole
Until we again choose to continue the solo journey
Of evaporation and risk potentially finding
More Oneness in the sky than in water on earth

Notice how some of us
Drop alone onto dry pavement
And lie there in our small bundle of water
Trying to make sense of what next
Do we crawl, flow, move towards another small bundle
Another small puddle to become a larger puddle
Or do we immediately try to evaporate
As this is all way too much to handle?

Notice that it simply is

Some of us immediately have community support
Some of us find community support
Some of us create our own community
And some choose to crawl solo
Searching, searching, searching

As we all taste
Just as you taste
Enjoyment of a journey
With the awaiting moment
Of connection back into Oneness

Are we more One in cloud form?
Are we more One in water form?
Perhaps it’s when we freeze into a solid?
Or is it all really about our experience
Of different forms
Of different ways of being
Is it perhaps simply about experience?”

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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