I spend most of my life
Living in my head
No one told me it could be
Any different
Living in my body

When a shaman dropped me
Into my body
I felt like I fell off
A second story balcony
To gently guide into my skin

I come from a science-based
Academic family
We didn’t acknowledge
That we all lived together
In our heads
That was not a concept
That fit our reality

When I finished my Ph.D.
I knew I had to do something
To feel more alive in this world
To allow my fast-typing fingertips
A new experience
To allow my brain
A break from me

If those who love me
Find my intensity exhausting
Living within myself
And concentrating most of me
In my mind
Instead of allowing
At least parts of me
To lounge throughout me

I discover fire dancing
As a perfect way
Of leaping out of my head
Since having fire fly around my head
Is too frightening for all of me
To handle
If I remain huddled in my head.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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