Infinity Reminders for H2O
California 2010

I float naked in healing springs
At Avalon
Loving the rawness of this
Abandoned and now
Lovingly being brought alive
Sustainable healing center

Water entering this particular pool
Flows through
An infinity flow form

I watch it race into the pattern
Flowing with an accelerated ease
Through infinity
Before it joins the water
In the pool

I first heard of flow forms
Activating water
While I was sleeping
In a bio-geodesic dome
Surrounded by bio-dynamically growing
Out in the mountains of New Mexico

I was still an atheist scientist
Questioning every aspect of this
Wild process of reconnection
And a beautiful book on flow forms
Had no relevance for me to science
It wasn’t real
But I did admit it was pretty
And intriguing

More than half a year later
Those painful atheist scientist days
In the past

“When one sips from the cup of
one becomes an atheist
when one gets to the bottom
one finds God.”
Some historical mathematician
Said one day in the past

What is it like to be flowing
Through a flow form?

“It’s like a reminder of
what I am.
Remember that all energy
Simply takes different forms
You chose to be human
I chose to be water
And in the choice of embodiment
We all forget what we are
To different degrees
Humans forget the most

So when I flow through
This infinity shape
I remember more clearly
What I am
It’s like when your read a book
That reminds you of what you
Already know deep in your soul

When you read Rumi
He helps you remember
Water does not read
In the same way as you do
Yet water flows
And flowing through certain patterns
And brings life back

You Joanna have seen water
That has all but completely forgotten
The essence of what is
You’ve seen the abused waters of our world
You’ve seen the beaten down waters
You’ve seen the half-murdered waters
Now you see alive water
Water that remembers

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