Europe, Africa, US

I am born connected to Source
Source being All
S/he being One
As a child, I know that I am part of One
And tap into All
As a child
I am connected

Until the age of about six
I enter a place in between sleep and waking
Where circles of light and gold rotate
Where I am fully loved and held
Where I fly and have adventures
All I am allowed to remember when I wake
Is a lingering taste of that space
Of light and gold and connection

I play games with my spirit friends
I drop shiny objects
And they lead me to them
Or they take them
And lead me to them
It becomes a life-time game
Of objects being moved around me
In ways that defy all scientific explanation

When I speak with adults
I look into them
Saying what they need to hear
I am one of those insightful kids
Who doesn’t know what to do with her insights
As I am simply a child
And too often treated as one

I am an indigo
I don’t understand why people don’t create another way of being
I am defiant and independent
I refuse to eat and train my Mama to sit
Under the table telling me stories
That I would then acknowledge by eating some food
I am an old soul in a little body
And I take my power however I can get it

I spend many hours of my childhood playing alone
I often wear cardboard angel wings
Arrange all my stuffed animals into counsels
And teach
I read fairy tales
Wondering when I get to meet them
In this world

I feel the moon follow me
As she follows all of us
She speaks to me
As she does again these days
She whispers that she is always with me
She whispers that I am watched
She whispers that I am guided
She whispers that I am never alone
I lie curled up into a tight ball
In the back of our blue WV bug
As we drive across African landscapes
And I listen to the whispers of the moon Goddess

I find an aspect of my soul family
An aspect of my life’s purpose
In a book that jumps into my hands
At the airport in Lagos where we spend a night watching
hand-length cockroaches fly through the air
The book is about Barba Papa’s
Mythical, shape-changing, loving beings
Who have to save all the earth’s creatures and earth
From destruction caused by humans
My child’s soul resonates
Crying at the ugliness and destruction
That human actions create for our planet

I trace my adult environmental awakening
To that book
And although as an adult I try to kill my mystical side
I do allow myself to work to protect the planet
Connecting adults to one another and the earth
I do allow myself to study the natural world
Ignoring writing and the mystical world
Both of whom scream for my attention
Until the scream becomes too loud to ignore

As a child
I feel most at home in airplanes
My parents and I fly all over the world
I project myself through the airplane window
Out onto the wings and leap into the clouds
They hold me
They form characters all around me
They speak to me
I am therefore sadly surprised that
When I finally stand in clouds high in the Swiss Alps
That they dare to simply melt into wet mist around me

Like every child, I consider my life as the norm
I think it normal to have red dust settle in thick layers all around me
I think it normal to live without running water or dependable electricity
I think it normal that some people lounge in American mansions while others
walk the streets naked and hungry
I think it normal that Nigerian children around me work for their living
while I read books and pretend to be an angel
I think everyone sees spirits and flies
Back then, I think that others are like me
Thankfully no one takes the time to tell me otherwise

I hear that the world would change
If everyone says the rosary at the same time
That idea stays in me
I’d envision this other world
Yet don't say my rosary
That feels silly
When I can actually play with the Divine.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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