Joanna Arcis, Ph.D., is a light worker, teacher, writer, and intuitive.  Her practice connects people to the natural world and one another.  Building on her academic training as an environmental scientist (Human Ecologist), Joanna awakened into an understanding that she is a sacred being living a sacred life. After integrating inter-personal and community development within environmental protection during 15 years in academia and government programs, she set off to follow her inner calling.  Her time is now dedicated to exploring, with others, the edges of creativity, environmentalism, and spirituality as insights are hidden in between everything. She uses her scientific training as a tool for guiding others through the often-confusing time of Spiritual Awakening. Using a variety of modalities, with an emphasis on shamanic, she guides people into recognizing the validity of their own experiences.  She offers her experiences to inspire others while continuing her studies with many teachers and participating in spiritual communities across the U.S. She returns to her own core while living within many dimensions by integrating meditative movement arts and fire dancing in her dance with the Divine.