Spirit Rock, California

I dream messages through me
During a silent Divine Feminine retreat
At Spirit Rock

In one dream
I waken into a familiar room
With sleeping infants scattered
On chairs, the floor, and sofa
I am confused as to who they are
I am confused as to who I am

I pick one up
She is a tiny infant
Wrapped in a blanket
Her eyes open and look into mine
Clear intelligence reflecting
My own

“Hello,” I say
“Hello,” she replies
I discover that
I have speaking infants
Scattered all around me

I tell her that it’s almost Halloween
“What is Halloween?” she asks
“You get to wear a costume,” I attempt to explain
“What is a costume?” she asks in crisp, clear words
“You’ll get to eat candy!” I say as if that may help
“What is candy?” she asks
“It is sweet,” is my attempt at explaining
“What is sweetness?”
And in that moment
I get it
I get that our understanding of everything
Is based on what we are taught
Our reality is taught
Our consensus reality is taught
My heart begins to pound

What if we choose to teach differently?
We could change the world.

(Oh, and yea, I continue to freak out knowing
that nothing around me is real.)

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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