Not Lonely
Sebastopol, CA 

I begin a conversation with a
Golden-eyed gray cat
Named Princess
“Finally,” is her first response
When I connect with her
As I’ve lived with her for days
Without engaging in conversation
I forget that I can speak with
Any being
And that being
Speaks clearly back

“How do you not feel lonely?” I ask
As I have been feeling too solo lately
“What is lonely?” She asks
Knowing the word but not the concept
I explain it to her

“I am never alone. Creator is beneath me on
the sofa where I nap.
Source is above me in the sky
Energy is touching me at all times
And I am God.”
I laugh aloud
This is still ridiculous at times
To me
This scientist with a Ph.D.
This me that is no longer a me
Talking with a cat that calls herself God
Yet I get what she says

She is clearly part of the Oneness
She can clearly tap into the field
Of Oneness consciousness
As our conversation unfolds
She shares concepts that I had not
Understood in quite that way

She does not feel lonely
Did not even know the concept
Because she knows that she is always
One with everything
She is always in physical contact
With all that is
She knows that she
In her cat body
A manifestation of the Divine

When I laugh aloud
At her self-proclamation of being God
She stands up off my chest
Turns her back to me
And lays with her tail to my face

I had to apologize
I find myself
Apologizing to a cat
For not recognizing her Divinity

“You’re not allowing yourself
to live within the many levels
of reality
to which you have access
it’ll be easier when you grant 
yourself permission to do so
and step out of living only
in this false reality.”

I keep forgetting that I can
Have clear conversations
At countless dimensions of reality
With flowers and star beings
With Source
With whomever I invite into my mind
Yet I still prefer even boring people
As I’m used to boring people 

Even at this state of consciousness
I forget
That I too am part of Oneness
That I too
Am Source.

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