Moonlight Story Strip
Harbin Hot Springs, California

I lie in my green hammock
Under the moon
With the river roaring by

I feel gentle movement
Suspended in the hammock
Which presses around my body
Comforting me in the way
A lover does with his body

I sway in green cocoon
I sway in warmth
I float

“Do you feel ready?” Asks the moon
I feel another shift about to rip within
“Yes,” I answer
I ground myself
I look around at the beauty in the silent darkness
Roar of water the only sound
“You’ll need a strong witness for this,”
Shares the moon
My teacher
My lover
My family

“I am ready.”
I pause
And in a moment all fades
I fall into a space
Even the word NOTHING
Feels like it has substance
This is a space
Beyond nothing
Beyond words


All the stories
All that I now feel to be real
All that I know
Fades into nothing
I’m dropped alone
Into that nothingness

I realize that even now
Deep into this awakening
All that I now believe to be real
All that I use to guide me through the days
Is simply what I am using to survive
“Yes, love.
Everything will shift endless times on you
All that you know to be real
Will be stripped out of that reality
Yet remember love
You are strong enough to slip pass these spaces
You know who you are
And the essence is truth
For now.”

All is simply
For now
Everything will be different
Everything can change
All can be stripped away
Into nothingness
And even in that space of nothingness
When all my stories are gone
I still continue
My spirit-form encased in physical body
Expressing its love and life
Moving through space

And somehow
This too will pass.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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