Needy Soul Parts
Private Redwoods Grove, CA

My back lies on a long wooden alter
I look up into Redwoods
Growing in apparent silence
All around me

My eyes move over bark
Over differently sized branches
Over silence

Then I almost jerk myself off the alter
As I notice that directly above me
Appearing as if she may fall and crush me
Is a large dead ugly branch
She appears angry
With her dead limb holding together
Many other gnarled dead limbs

I feel a touch of recklessness
Lying directly in the path
Of eminent death
As she could fall in any moment

“You are safe love
You are always safe.”

I relax my body more deeply into the wooden alter
Feeling myself energetically melt with the processed wood
Below me
As I open to hearing
Beyond the silence
Of this Redwood grove

“What did you notice first?
The beauty of the Redwood or
My gnarled dead self?”

Well, clearly
My eyes were first drawn to beauty
“Remember love
No matter how much beauty a being possesses
Within each one of us
Are dead soul parts
That can be ugly
If they no longer feel needed

Soul parts are like beings
Seeking attention
Like a needy child acting out
Simply because she is lonely.”

More of me dissolves onto the alter
I lie listening
“So what can we do for dead soul parts?” I ask
“Acknowledge them for the work they performed 
For the being to now be the vibrant being
Like with me
Once I was one of the early branches on this Redwood
I fed her
I moved her energy
I gave all of myself
And now I’ve been left behind
As she has grown upwards with newer branches doing my work.”

I get it
I look up and see this dead branch already shifting
Into a strong dried branch of a vibrant Redwood

I reach out to the entire being of the Redwood
I call in the other branches
And listen
As they acknowledge dead branch
As they thank her for her service
And assign her a new task

“Would you like to teach about soul parts?”
Another branch suggests
“I already do that,” is dead branch’s surprised response 
As she realizes that she’s not useless
She simply has another task
We all need tasks
That make us feel we’re contributing
We all need acknowledgement

I continue to lie in silence on the wooden alter
Gazing up at a soul part that has been integrated
Into the whole of a being

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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