Maui, Hawaii

I crawl my way over slippery Hawaiian lava rocks
Along an ancient village edge
Until I find a small cave
Which feels like home
I enter it naked
Sitting overlooking raging waves below me

I know little about the history of the people
Who lived in this ancient village
Yet I immediately taste the cave’s sacredness

I fall into another woman’s being
I feel her strength as she sits there alone
Looking out into the water
That is to take her away
That is to take her
She sits in that cave as a gift

And I too sit in the cave
As a gift
Envisioning that I too could be swept away
As a gift to the oceans

We climb up to the ledge above the cave
Where the edge drops down hundreds of feet
To raging waters below
We read about how men had to pass
An initiation of jumping off the ledge
And falling, falling, falling
Over a hundred feet into the waters below

I think of how our testing is so different now
I think of how my initiations are so different
And yet
They are all the same

Through each test and initiation
We find our strength
We discover that we are capable of adapting
To anything.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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