Cracking the Great Mystery
Sebastopol, CA

So if someone hands you a new iphone or ipod or
Any other of the millions of random new electronics
What do you do?
Do you try to figure out how it works?
Or do you learn simply how to use it?

Come on
How many of us have any clue about how an iphone works?
How do those voice waves travel?
How about an image sent?
If you were swept off to another planet
Could you explain how any of the 
Top 100 electonic devices work?

Um, no
You can use them
But we have no clue how any of them really work

My sister can sit on the street in Kenya
And send me photos
As I sit on a cliff in California
Our world rocks

Now what entertains me about me
Is that with this life journey of mine
I actually think at times
That my brain is brilliant enough
To put together the Great Mystery

I don’t try to figure out an iphone
Yet I attempt the Great Mystery?

When I was at a point of break down
One of my shaman friends
Suggested that I try not figure out
The Great Mystery
“It is the Great Mystery after all.”
She said
Yet I tried
And now no more

Now I simply do my best to play
This life journey of ours
And this Great Mystery
Is much like a new iphone

We simply need to be grateful
We simply need to figure out our part
And then 
Play on
Play big

This can be FUN!

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