Awakening Spaces
California 2010

How I dream of someday
Being able to create
Safe spaces within which
Humans can fully awaken

This process is beyond madness
Yet more sane than anything
I’ve ever been through

Yet it’s so alone, alone, alone

I wish there was somewhere I could go
Where I could be seen for who I am
Where I could be given tools
Where I could be held in sacred space
Where I could learn

I keep creating these spaces
Yet they are all temporary
I drift from one love to the next
I drift from one space to the next
I find tools behind every rock and in each flower
I listen
I drift following my inner voices

Yet I am aware
Of how much more quickly
I could move through
And arrive into my light body
If I didn’t have to keep myself safe

At the age of 15
I envisioned having my own center
Up in the mountains
Where I could inspire people to be
Instead of awakening then
When I had been so close
I went to college
Then to graduate school
Working, working, working

Yet I now return to that center
That I saw so clearly at 15
Where is my land?
Where is my home?
Where are my people?

I am here to find others
Who are here to support the awakening
I find more every day

Through these words
I evoke the support of All
I call out to others
In this soul/star family of mine
We had leaped on this Earth together
Let’s now find each other quickly
So we can do what we were born to do

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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