You may be feeling the profound changes happening around us and within us. You may be feeling a calling to invite change into your life. Or you may be feeling restless, restless, restless.  You may be unsure about how to feel about it all.  I assure you to trust your own experiences and your own heart.  

I share my stories because I needed to live these experiences to believe what is happening during this time on our planet. My vision is that stories will continue to bring you comfort, laughter, intrigue, inspiration and an insight or two. 

It has taken me deep core strength to follow what calls in my heart, leaving behind all I had created into my reality and setting off into the unknown.  Each day, I live closer to my own truth.  Each day, I feel more alive and awake.  I send you strength to follow your own path and honor what you feel in your heart.

I activate within you a clearer connection to your higher self.  I activate within you a deeper desire to follow what you feel calling from a deeper way of being.

Give yourself permission to live your most vibrant life!

I invite you to walk along-side me on my quest to find stillness within. 

My stories are set all over our planet. They witness my journey and explorations behind veils.
My first set of stories are at: http://lightmeanders.weebly.com/
My second set of stories are on these pages.  They are written for you.  They are lived for us all.
They dip deeper into the mystical life of a sacred being living a sacred life.

I am here to support the change in consciousness which will allow us to live the lives that whisper  invitations to us daily, if we allow ourselves to listen.

Much love,

Joanna Arcis, Ph.D.