Washington D.C.

(The Reconnection Series to written to illustrate that soul family stories are real.  I will be sharing some of mine to bring ease when you live through yours.  I used to find mine incredibly confusing and painful.  My energy would intertwine immediately and we’d fall into one another.  And then we’d have to part…in this space.  Now that I know who these people are to me, I live with more ease. I live with joy knowing that I’ll be meeting many more from my family.  I live in joy knowing that my family is here making the world into what we dream her to be.)

I sit journaling on a bench
at the National Mall in DC
On a warm spring day
When I feel him sitting to my left

I stand up to walk
And feel him approach me
He reaches over and pulls out of my right ear
My headphone
“Hi,” he says
As if we’ve known each other before

We spend the day together
Walking around looking at art
Chatting as if old souls
Back together again

He gives me a ride home
His VW Jetta covered in stickers
And all I remember
Is the one that said:
“Earth girls are easy.”

He becomes my soul writer
I am in my late teens and early 20’s
Dropped into a university where I
Have more to share than those willing to listen
So I pour out my ideas to my soul love
I write on ripped napkins
I write on pieces of paper
I mail him bundles of ideas
He mails me pages upon pages
Of his ideas
Together, we dream
Of finding our place here
More than 15 years later
We share food over candles
In a cozy NYC restaurant
I am still searching for ease
In being who I am
In allowing the voices to come
Through my brain

He’s now a neurosurgeon
I ask him about the awakening happening
“My mom’s into that,” is his response
“I’ve always thought of souls as being of an age.
You and I are old souls.”
I smile into him

He has always brought me a combination
Of ease and depth

“The brain is a black box,” he says
Those words remain inside me
As I continue to allow
As I surrender my battle
In keeping my brain in consensus reality only
and instead surrender
to this multi-dimensional existence.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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