Imagine you know what is to come
Imagine you feel you may be able
To lessen destruction
What would you do?
Would you face death, ridicule, torture
To battle for a world that you believe is yours?
Or would you hide in safety
Behaving like everyone else
Although you know it could be different

That is how I am led to understand
My role today
The new plan of destruction
Involves countless beings
Ripping apart our planet
Murdering countless creatures into extinction
Consuming what brings little lasting pleasure
Yet those with resources
Only know to consume
It is what we are taught

This current destruction
Has been happening
As far back as our history stretches
And now
It is time
For it to change paths

I am an environmental scientist
I hold a Ph.D.
I walked the halls of academia
I sat through endless government meetings
I sat through endless activist meetings
We can’t change the system
by the means we know
Yet we must change all the systems
To bring about the New Earth

We begin to change all the systems
By changing ourselves

I set out to find something deeper
Although I had already created a cushy life
Although I had my cushy job
I felt there was more
When I actually found that more
I dropped into my role
As a warrior of light
Here to change everything
Here to bring in a new way of being

I could remain quiet
Gently sharing my knowledge
Within the safety of an academic citadel
Gently sharing my understandings
Within the safety of environmental programs
But I am not here to remain quiet

I am here to scream out in rage and love
As they can be one and the same
When integrated into light
For they give us strength
To be who we know ourselves to be

I could remain quiet
About my intricate dance
With the universe
Yet I arrived here strong enough
To now face whatever comes my way
Because souls like mine
Are here to change around
Into a way of being
That fits who we all feel within

During Hitler’s reign
Most of my family
Battled to the death

I carry within me
Blood of those who died on battlefields
Blood of those who escaped Siberian prisons
Blood of those who survived and died in concentration/prisoner camps
Blood of those who carried bombs under skirts
Blood of those who risked everything for change
Most of my family was annihilated
During the wars

And now I live on with their blood
To risk everything again
To birth in
The New Earth
The New Dawn.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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