You know you have moved
Closer into fearlessness
When you wake to a man holding a rifle
Pointed at you
In the night
And only feel love

It is late into the evening
And I drive alone the windy roads
To meet my lover
At the hotsprings for the weekend
A migrane comes on strong
My eyesight blurs a bit
I decide to pull off onto a gravel parking area
To sleep off the pain

I curl up into pain
I breathe through pain
I fall into deep sleep
Where pain melts

I wake to a knock on my window
I open my eyes
To see a man looking in at me
Pointing a rifle at me
“What are you doing here?” he yells

I look deep into his eyes
I read him
He is afraid
He is kind
He is protecting something

“Hello,” I say
As if speaking to a friend
As he feels like he’d be a friend
If he weren’t pointing a rifle
At my heart

We begin a chat
Both ignoring the rifle
He explains that he lives in the compound
Next to the space where I’ve parked my car
That they’ve had some recent break-in’s
I tell him about my migrane
He invites me to stay
He invites me into his compound
I don’t recall now at what point
He lowered his rifle
I simply remember
Loving the moment
When we both realized
That neither was a threat
And we could open to one another
As one.

******************************WE ARE ALL STARS***************************

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