I live within a space
Where I deeply know that we are all One
Yet I have to function in this world
Where sometimes it’s challenging to feel oneness
With the man who steals my parking spot
Yet I still feel it
As I can look into his soul

Living from this new space
Challenges me
How do I function in this world?
Deeply knowing who I am
Knowing that has nothing to do
With any of my accomplishments
Not connected to any of my labels
Nothing to do with what others see me to be

I don’t understand why others
Don’t spend the same amount of energy
Trying to figure out who they are
So that once we all know who we are
We can live from that place
And transform this place called earth
Into the New Earth

I still sometimes fall into judgment
I’m still new to this awakened state
Although that really shouldn’t be an excuse
As my guides tell me
But I still use it as an excuse
I sometimes feel a touch superior
Just like I sometimes felt superior with my Ph.D.
To the woman cleaning a toilet
Because I too could have chosen to have no education

I ask myself
Why don’t we all do the work
Of knowing who we are?
Why don’t we all want to access
Our galactic inheritance?
I know my Ph.D. is as meaningless
As anything else
Since I know who I am
It’s simply one form of ranking
That I’ve bought into
If I lived in a tribal society
Then an earned triple nose ring
Would be as important than my Ph.D.
So I ask the full moon for insight
I lie clad in a white
Looking out my loft window
Directly at the fullness of light
Which follows me
As she follows all

“Please help me understand
how I can let go of feeling superior”
I say
“Please help me understand
how I can more purely view each being
as equal to me
as part of me
as me.”
I say

“Envision a hospital ward filled with babies
each tiny one is perfect
each tiny one is innocent
each tiny one is one manifestation
of a beautiful whole

Now imagine that a galactic fortune
Awaits each and every one of them
But to gain access to that fortune
Each one must pass many tests
Each one must pass many initiations
So although each one has access to the galactic fortune
Only a few will pass
All that is asked of them
The others will remain anchored
In consensus reality
In the dream state
Because they choose that lesson
In this life-time
Each life is chosen
Each life is perfect.”

I think of this
I think of how I have now accessed
My galactic fortune
And now am not sure
Why others have not
Yet I get it
They have chosen not to in this lifetime

That helps me
It’s not up to me to judge why or why not
It’s simply my job to live
As me
As an authentic me
With each day that passes
It becomes easier to let go of the judgment
Someone put in my head this image
Of a ladder
With Source at the top
And total sleep at the bottom
Where do you stand on the ladder?
Wherever that is – is perfect
We need each person to stand
Where they are choosing to stand in that moment
As for the entire ladder to balance
We need people on each rung
Some people hang out at the top
With the Amma’s of our world
Others decide that they can most be of service
At the very bottom holding up the ladder
Or others
Like me
Enjoy cruising the ladder
I can ride to wherever the other person
Stands on the ladder
And hang there

Judgment is what we’re raised to do
Yet it doesn’t have to be an aspect of me
I choose that too
We can all simply love one another
In the moment when our path crosses
Knowing that each one of us
Is exactly where we need to be
Living to the best of one’s ability
As I drive through wine country
The next morning
Source continues the lessons of the moo
“Think of your hand
Do you think your hand feels separate from your foot?
Does your hand feel lonely because
The foot isn’t paying her enough attention?
Your hand knows she’s part of One
She knows that she’s directly connected to the foot
She knows she’s part of a whole
So she can simply relax
She doesn’t have to think about it
She doesn’t have to stress about it
She simply has to be a hand
It’s complicated to be a hand
There are endless bones and muscles
That move together to create an action
As simple as picking a grape off a vine
Yet the hand doesn’t stress
The hand doesn’t worry about if she’s like other hands
The hand doesn’t compare
The hand doesn’t wonder if her veins stick out
She simply is

The hand is like a flower
She simply is

What if we all finally realized
That we simply need to be
And when we are
When we are what we all know we are within
Then everything changes
And we simply flow
Within the universal flow.

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